Associate membership is open to the following:

    1. members of the Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary;
    2. police staff serving in other police agencies, at the discretion of the Executive Management Committee;
    3. full members of the Club who resign from the Metropolitan Police Service, at the discretion of the Executive Management Committee.
    4. retired members of other police agencies provided that they were an associate member before their retirement, at the discretion of the Executive Management Committee
    5. Any other person or group of persons at the discretion of the Executive Management Committee subject to a maximum number in this category as defined in the Byelaws.

Associate members are excluded from holding any office within the Club, or casting a vote at any meeting.

All applications for Associate Membership will be considered for approval by the MPSC Executive Management Committee, which reserves the right to refuse membership, to limit the number of Associate Members and to withdraw any category of Associate Membership.

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For Associate 'A' or 'B' show service or agency.
For Associate 'C' show yacht club and membership number
For Associate 'D' or 'E' show sponsoring MPSC full member

Sailing Interests

Sailing Experience (Please show any RYA qualifications)

Useful Slills eg plumber, shipwright, electrician, chef, graphic/web designer, event organiser, administrator or anything that could assist the Club's development

I agree to be bound by the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Byelaws of the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club Ltd and give one day each year to assist with the maintenance of the club fleet or facilities and/or assist with a club event. I authorise the details given by me on this form to be stored on computer for the clubs use.
Check box to confirm acceptance of the above conditions.

  • Diary of Events

    28th April
    29th April
    06th Oct
    7th Oct
    Intro to sailing days
    Never sailed ?
    Want to no what its like?
    Come and have a go and see if its for you only £40 pp
    23rd - 27th April
    Comp crew / Day skipper course
    One place left,
    a great chance to improve your skills.
    Or come along as a rope puller at a reduced rate, call the club line for more details
    14th - 15th AprilClose quarters boat handling, build confidence and gain experience.
    £145 pp
    22nd JuneFirst Aid Course
    Our one-day course covers all the usual first aid subjects, but from a boating perspective. It is aimed at anyone who goes afloat, whether on inland waters, rivers, estuaries or on cross channel passages.
    14th - 18th May
    21st - 25th May
    Comp crew / Day skipper Practical
    Come and have fun whilst learning and gaining a useful qualification.
    Places still available
    11th - 13th MayStart yachting
    This two day practical course is entirely boat based. There is no fixed route, and passage planning based on weather forecasts will form part of
    the course. You can expect to explore a variety of locations in and around the Solent and
    experience anchoring up, berthing in a marina and picking up a mooring buoy.
    23rd - 28th SeptemberPSUK National Offshore sailing championships 2018
    Any datesIf you can spare a few hours helping out at the base call the club line or drop us an email