Club Structure

For many years the MPSC operated successfully as a members club but in a climate where there is a growing tendency towards litigation, the decision was taken to become a company limited by guarantee. By doing so we reduce the liability of the members and the committee to a maximum of £1.

All that changed was the framework in which we operated – we are still a members club which operates wholly for the benefit of those members and their guests.

The Executive Committee is made up of 8 directors who are responsible for deciding future strategy and for making the important decisions. The day to day running is undertaken by a few part time professional staff and a team of volunteers. If you are able to offer help, then please do get in touch on our club line 020 8643 4292. If you have any questions or queries regarding the Club/Committee or would like to assist in any way, contact the clubline on 020 8643 4292 or email, or write to MPSC, PO Box 308, Brockenhurst, SO42 7XR

Executive Committee




Roger is an accomplished sailor. He has supported the club for over 20 years & has held a number of posts. He was made the first Hon Vice President in October 2010.

BJ Harrington – Commodore.

(Not a Director)

Roger Glass – Hon Vice President.

(Not a Director).


Jason is a keen sailor and regular user of our yachts.




Helen has to pay the bills, satisfy the accountants and most importantly she has the thankless task of making sure we stay solvent.

Jason Cranmer – Vice Commodore.


Helen Brown – Hon Treasurer

(photo awaits)


Gareth was previously Membership Sec and is now in charge of marketing, publicity, communication and other important work necessary to keep the club running.


This portfolio manages our club cruising programme and also our mentoring scheme for newly-qualified skippers.


Gareth Granville – Rear Commodore Marketing.

(photo awaits)

Gary Pankhurst – Rear Commodore Cruising.



Alistair took on this valuable role having worked as deputy for some years. He is a keen and enthusiastic sailor who has a boat of his own and is also a sailing instructor in his own right.



Alistair Mills – Rear Commodore Training.

(photo awaits)

Victor George – Rear Commodore Works.



Jason is an accomplished sailor and with his assistants he manages our dinghy and yacht racing.



Gary is an active yachtsman who has responsibility for the challenging role of managing our charter and boat replacement programme.

Jason Cranmer – Rear Commodore Dinghies and Racing.

Gary Pankhurst – Rear Commodore Fleet.


Rick is an experienced power boater, instructor and PWC rider who also crews safety for the P1 Powerboat and AquaX race series both in the UK and Europe.

Martyn is a keen powerboater and instructor who also enjoys dinghy sailing and yachting.  He will be arranging club social events and overseeing our estate and moorings.

Rick Earle – Rear Commodore Power.

Martyn Potter – Rear Commodore House.


John is not a director but is General Manager and Company Secretary. He supports the directors and carries out the many and growing number of administrative tasks.

John Bailey – Company Secretary.

(Not a Director)

Vacant – Operations Manager.

(Not a director).

Non Executive Committee

Principal  – Carol Andrews
Chief Instructor Power  – Lee Mosscrop
Chief Instructor Sail – Vacant

Asst. RC Works – James Hulme
Harbourmaster – Ross Elliston
Asst. RC Fleet – Vacant
Asst.RC Training – Mark Deacon
Asst. RC Power – Vacant
Dinghy RC Cruising – Ellen Lovatt
Asst. Treasurer – John Oldham
Asst. RC Racing – Andrew Moore
Asst. RC House – Selina Earle
Asst. RC Marketing – Vacant
Intranet Site Manager – James Hulme
Internet Site Manager – Martin Waghorn
Social Media Manager – Rick Earle

The dates of all committee meetings are shown on the ‘Diary of Events’ page whilst copies of published minutes are available for download from the ‘Useful Documents’ section.


  • Diary of Events

    18-19 NovemberWinter working parties
    25-26 NovemberWinter working parties
    2-3 DecemberWinter working parties
    4th DecemberExec Committee Meeting
    9-10 DecemberWinter working parties
    11th December - end FebBlue Spirit available for bargain winter charter