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The final cruise of the year went ahead over the weekend and was a great success.  All three yachts were involved and were blessed with some favourable weather.


On Friday evening the crews assembled, settled aboard, checked their boats over and set about the serious business of social interaction, a process greatly assisted but regular intakes of fuel by way of food and alcohol.  We had to take care though as we didn’t want to peak too soon.

Phil was the first to leave, probably as he was the outside of the raft this was a sound decision.  A pleasant trip down the Hamble and a lovely wind for a reach to Newtown Creek for lunch – the inevitable pasties.

A short hop to Yarmouth in the afternoon and  favourable berths together just about as close to the facilities as was possible.  It was great to see Mike and Dawn Wise there in their yacht ‘New Dawn’ as well as some personal friends of mine in their new 43ft yacht.

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The afternoon was filled with various activities which ranges from showers to tea and biscuits to a drop of white wine.  Some crew joined the candle lit  procession from the square to the shore side and the atmosphere was very festive and happy.  Shortly after 7pm (a bit earlier than scheduled, the fireworks were started from the pier and my crew sat in the cockpit with a glass and hearty meal to enjoy the display.

fw8About 4 bottles later, we all met in the Bugle for some more crew interaction and I so remember the words of one member who coined the phrase, there’s more to communication than social media’.  My memories of the latter part of the evening are a bit jaded I’m afraid but I think it was enjoyable for everyone.

It was a cold night but it dawned crisp and clear with a wonderful blue ski and the winds still moderate from the NNW.  Bacon and egg butties were served aboard Sapphire – just the thing on such a morning.


As it transpired, one of the yachts managed to depart leaving one of their mooring lines still attached to a cleat on the pontoon.  Visions of a worth bounty were discussed but in the end I promised not to say a work.  I didn’t say I wouldn’t type anything though.

A bit of a bet for the return journey and a bit lumpy off Calshot but in the glorious conditions, no one was complaining – it was a truly fabulous weekend.


Well done to Skipper Duncan Weston on Blue Spirit with James Hulme, Jim Avery and Fiona Avery, to Mike Burke and his partner Josie Warren-McCauley with Trudie Young, James Young and 10 year old Ben Young.  A special thanks to my crew of Claire Fenwick, Emma Howard, Trevor Baker and Emma Howard for making the weekend so enjoyable.

Now its time to get through the winter and look forward to some more fun times sailing next year, but of course if anyone reading this is interested in chartering, the yachts are only £100 per day during the week and £250 for a weekend over the winter so you can take 4 mates and have a weekend sailing for only £50 each.

Happy Sailing





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