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SRC – Radio – Online Course

It is mandatory for the operators of ships radio equipment to comply with the international regulations including the requirements for the licensing of operators. This qualification lasts a lifetime and to qualify for an operators certificate requires completion of a course and then a short assessment. The minimum time required for the course is 10hours so coupled with an assessment it is becoming increasingly difficult to fit into a single day.

We now offer the course online so you can take it at your own speed and complete it in bite sized chunks at a time to suit you. On completion of the online course, you can book a short assessment with us and these will be held in central or southwest London during evenings and we hope to have a date set aside every month so you don’t have long to wait.

There is a fixed fee of £60 for the assessment which we have no control over. We have kept the price of the course as low as possible at just £80, but if you book a course and exam together we offer a discount of £20 to £120 for the course and assessment.

This online course goes live on 2nd January and dates for assessments will be published shortly.

If you still want a classroom course then let us know and if there is sufficient demand we will arrange a date but we recommend the online teaching.

The following short video explains a bit more about the online course.

Essential Navigation and Seamanship – Online Course

This is a basic course covering navigation, pilotage and a number of topics all designed to make your boating safer and more fun. There is no pre course knowledge required and it is ideal for those engaged in rib, diving or fishing activities.

The course includes a student pack and we offer it online so that you can go through the teaching process at a speed as fast or slow as you want and also do the work when it’s convenient to you.

The online course contains lots of interactive exercises to help reinforce the information and lots of chances to try out what you’ve learned. There’s a support facility by phone or email if you have a problem during the course.

The cost including the pack is just £89

Professional Practices and Responsibilities – Online Course

This course is compulsory for anyone who operates commercially in the sailing world and was only introduced recently. It’s purpose is to make you aware of the legislation which applies to commercial activities and provides valuable safeguards so that you are aware of your obligations. The course is broken down into four modules:

  • Commercial environment – how you fit into the professional maritime world.
  • People – the importance of correct manning, keeping your skills up to date and the safe management of commercial vessels.
  • Vessel – the compulsory carriage and maintenance of safety equipment and how to create and implement risk control and operating procedures. ·
  • Purpose – making sure your vessel is suitable and legal for the work you are carrying out, your obligations in protecting the environment, appropriate planning and situational awareness.

It’s a fully online course which you can take at your own speed and when ready can sit the exam.

The cost of this course is £20

CEVNI – Online Course

The CEVNI regulations are the regulations used by many countries on their inland waterways and are a mandatory part of the inland waters section of the International Certificate of Competence which is mandatory is some European countries.

The cost of the exam is £20.

  • Diary of Events

    28th April
    29th April
    06th Oct
    7th Oct
    Intro to sailing days
    Never sailed ?
    Want to no what its like?
    Come and have a go and see if its for you only £40 pp
    23rd - 27th April
    Comp crew / Day skipper course
    One place left,
    a great chance to improve your skills.
    Or come along as a rope puller at a reduced rate, call the club line for more details
    14th - 15th AprilClose quarters boat handling, build confidence and gain experience.
    £145 pp
    22nd JuneFirst Aid Course
    Our one-day course covers all the usual first aid subjects, but from a boating perspective. It is aimed at anyone who goes afloat, whether on inland waters, rivers, estuaries or on cross channel passages.
    14th - 18th May
    21st - 25th May
    Comp crew / Day skipper Practical
    Come and have fun whilst learning and gaining a useful qualification.
    Places still available
    11th - 13th MayStart yachting
    This two day practical course is entirely boat based. There is no fixed route, and passage planning based on weather forecasts will form part of
    the course. You can expect to explore a variety of locations in and around the Solent and
    experience anchoring up, berthing in a marina and picking up a mooring buoy.
    23rd - 28th SeptemberPSUK National Offshore sailing championships 2018
    Any datesIf you can spare a few hours helping out at the base call the club line or drop us an email