Coronavirus update

Coronavirus update

Updated MPSC activity Covid-19

The club is continuing to monitor the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak carefully and our thoughts are with anyone who been directly affected.

The club has a responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of its employees, members and a duty to reduce the risk of additional pressure on the emergency services, at what is an extremely testing and difficult time.

The club has already introduced preventative measures on the yachts, and in the classroom area. There is also additional information regarding Covid-19 on the handover documents on the yachts.

In preparing this document, the club has considered all current guidance form

UK Government

Public Health England

Royal Yachting Association.

RYA Courses

The club is currently reviewing all RYA training, further information will be published in the coming days.


The club will continue to offer the yachts for charter, we feel that in these challenging times the ability to sail is vitally important to ones own health and emotional wellbeing.

Currently Spirit is available for charter and from the 24th March Pride will be also be available. Please take note of any additional guidance on the handover documents regarding Covid-19.

Contingencies during or prior to a charter

If during a charter, a member of crew displays symptoms consistent with Coronavirus, then please take action to prevent the potential spread of infection.

In these circumstances, we would ask that the yacht skipper inform the operational team, and arrangements will be made for the yacht to be deep cleaned on its return.

If prior to a charter a member of the crew display symptoms of Covid-19, please do not to attend the club or yacht. Please contact a member of the operational team.


The club has purchased additional items to ensure that the yachts are cleaned to a higher standard prior to any charter/training. There are also additional items on the yachts for members to use when on the yacht.

We ask all members that on return that they clean the yacht using the equipment provided. It is also advisable that members bring their own personal soap/hand sanitiser.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of the restrictions imposed by UK Government, leading to a restriction in movement or the temporary closure of the club for a period of time, a full refund or alternative dates will be offered.

In the event of a member having to self-isolate prior to the commencement of a course or charter, a full refund or alternative dates will be offered.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding, should you have any concerns or questions then please don’t hesitate in contacting or emailing the club.

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Medical and Dietary Declaration

Having a medical condition need not necessarily prevent you from taking a full part in the course but the Club Principal must be aware of any potential problems.

If you are in any doubt about your fitness to take part in a course, speak to us on the clubline prior to your course.

By completing the course booking form you make the following declarations and undertakings:-
I hereby declare that I have recorded below details of any medical condition which may affect my fitness to participate in the course and in particular I have included details where I suffer from asthma/bronchitis, angina or heart condition, fits, fainting or blackouts, severe headaches, diabetes, travel sickness, allergies to medication or other allergies.

I undertake to inform the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club Ltd and the course instructor of any relevant medical condition which may become apparent between now and the start of the course, and of any medication I am taking.

I have included below details of any dietary requirements and any allergies, including allergies to food and medication.