MPSC news

MPSC news

As part of a review of the club, the directors are currently reviewing the number of salaried staff required to maintain the effective operation of the club. With escalating costs and members not using the clubs assets, we are looking at reducing our fleet and staff required to maintain them.
Following the retirement of our General Manager, resignation of our Operations Manager and our RYA principal standing down in early 2019, we are seeking staff to fulfil the role of a General Manager/Operations Manager and RYA principal. These positions are not full time and are on a six-month trial to test the clubs capacity to operate effectively with fewer funds. If you would like to be considered for these roles, please send your CV and a covering letter to
At present we are seeking to fill a number of director and non-executive positions within the club. These are voluntary. If you are able to volunteer a few hours a month, please contact

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Medical and Dietary Declaration

Having a medical condition need not necessarily prevent you from taking a full part in the course but the Club Principal must be aware of any potential problems.

If you are in any doubt about your fitness to take part in a course, speak to us on the clubline prior to your course.

By completing the course booking form you make the following declarations and undertakings:-
I hereby declare that I have recorded below details of any medical condition which may affect my fitness to participate in the course and in particular I have included details where I suffer from asthma/bronchitis, angina or heart condition, fits, fainting or blackouts, severe headaches, diabetes, travel sickness, allergies to medication or other allergies.

I undertake to inform the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club Ltd and the course instructor of any relevant medical condition which may become apparent between now and the start of the course, and of any medication I am taking.

I have included below details of any dietary requirements and any allergies, including allergies to food and medication.