Pilotage and Cross Channel Passage Planning Day only £45pp

Pilotage and Cross Channel Passage Planning Day only £45pp

SATURDAY 6th APRIL 2019 starting at 9am and will finish at 5pm. Limited availability. (9)

Imber Court, Ember Lane, East Molesey.

Email the club contact@mpsc.london to book or call the Clubline on 07920 799270

Instructor Jack Humphreys.

The course is ideal for Day Skippers and Coastal Yachtmasters who wish to practice their Chartwork, navigation and passage planning. Also, what the SOLAS regulations require, how to abide by them and tips on how to keep themselves and crew safe on a longer passage, Plus Considerations following BREXIT.

What we will do during the day:

We choose a future date and work out the tidal heights and streams using live data from an almanac, for the date in question.

Using that information and our departure port, we pick a suitable time to leave.

This should give us an ETA’s at several Waypoints for the cross channel passage.

For our arrival port, we work out tidal heights and streams and draw up a pilot plan to arrive.

Day consists of:

  • Pilotage.
    • What is and What makes a good pilotage plan
  • Buoyage and Tides
    • Revision on Buoyage, Navigation marks, Tidal Heights and Tidal Streams
  • Almanac and Chart Information
    • A closer look at what information is contained in these publications and how that can help us plan a passage.
  • Pilotage Plan. 
    • Draw up a Pilotage Plan for departure from a Solent port/Marina
    • Pilotage plan for a Cross Channel destination port.
  • Plan a Cross Channel voyage using Paper and Electronic Charts
    • Using the information and references from earlier, plan a Cross Channel passage
    • Consider SOLAS and Border controls.
  • Weather Considerations
    • Where to obtain weather reports and how to interpret them.
  • IRPCS.
    • Consider the Skippers responsibilities to the IRPCS.
    • Revision on Sound signals, Lights & Shapes and crossing commercial Shipping lanes.

Attendees should bring if available, a Plotter, Dividers, pencils. Note paper etc, and a 2019 Almanac.

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