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We must never forget that the reason we sail is to enjoy ourselves and the reason we undertake training courses is to make the sailing both safer and more enjoyable.

All cruises are skippered by a commercially qualified skipper and the emphasis is on making the sailing fun. Places are available for members, family and friends although we do make a small additional charge for guests who are not family. No previous sailing experience is required, although if you’ve not sailed before it’s probably better to start off with one of the shorter trips.
These are an ideal way to build up your mileage and experience whilst having a good time.

Unless otherwise stated the price includes the cost of the yacht, fuel and skipper only. Food, moorings and travel will be at the crew expense.

Cruising Schedule 

Early Bird Cruise

This is an opportunity to shake off the cobwebs of the winter and get out onto the water nice and early before the crowds arrive.  No previous sailing experience is necessary.

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Vice Commodores Rally

This is one of our key club events during the year and is an opportunity for members and those with their own boats to get together for a great sociable weekend.

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Newcomers Cruise

This is an ideal opportunity for those with little or no experience to get out on the water under the care of an experienced instructor but without lots of other experienced crew aboard which to some is a bit inhibiting.

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Beyond The Solent

Both Pride and Lyra will spend 4 days sailing together, heading West to more distant ports on the South coast. This is ideal for anyone who wants to broaden their sailing experience.

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The South Coast heading west


Bastille & Channel Islands Cruise

This is our flagship cruise and is extremely popular so don’t hang around to book. Subject to weather and other constraining factors the plan is to cross the Channel to partake of the Bastille Day celebrations and show the French how to really party.

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As Title


Cowes Fireworks

Another good excuse to get out on the water for some summer sunshine (hopefully) with a trip to Cowes to see the firework display which has traditionally marked the end of Cowes Week. No previous experience necessary.

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Bournemouth Air Show

This is a short 3 day cruise with an opportunity to get out of the Solent and experience the thrill from one of the leading air shows. The itinerary will be relaxing with the emphasis on ensuring that everyone has a good time.

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Medical and Dietary Declaration

Having a medical condition need not necessarily prevent you from taking a full part in the course but the Club Principal must be aware of any potential problems.

If you are in any doubt about your fitness to take part in a course, speak to us on the clubline prior to your course.

By completing the course booking form you make the following declarations and undertakings:-
I hereby declare that I have recorded below details of any medical condition which may affect my fitness to participate in the course and in particular I have included details where I suffer from asthma/bronchitis, angina or heart condition, fits, fainting or blackouts, severe headaches, diabetes, travel sickness, allergies to medication or other allergies.

I undertake to inform the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club Ltd and the course instructor of any relevant medical condition which may become apparent between now and the start of the course, and of any medication I am taking.

I have included below details of any dietary requirements and any allergies, including allergies to food and medication.