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The yachts ‘Lyra of Broadway’ and  ‘Pride of Broadway’ are the property of the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club Ltd (MPSC). The overall management is vested in the MPSC Executive Committee with day-to-day operation being undertaken by the Ops team.

1       MPSC

1a     Unless otherwise stated, the yacht is fully equipped for cruising in accordance with the inventory on board.  Linen and pillows are not supplied.

1b     The MPSC  Ltd will exercise all due diligence to ensure that the yacht and equipment when chartered is in every respect in good order.  They shall be exempt from all liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or property howsoever arising, whether occasioned or contributed to by the act, neglect, default or omission of the MPSC Ltd, or by reason of any defect in, or any insufficiency of the yacht and equipment, whether existing at the commencement of a charter or at any other time.

1c     Bookings are accepted subject to the yacht being available and to the skipper’s and crew’s qualifications and experience being adequate and in accordance with that shown on the booking form.  The MPSC Ltd reserve the right to cancel any bookings made and in the event of such cancellations no liability shall fall on the MPSC except that any monies paid shall be refunded.

1d     The MPSC provides a schedule, which defines the area in which a skipper may operate according to his or her qualifications.  Notwithstanding this schedule, the Operations Manager may on behalf of the club place any additional restriction considered necessary in furtherance of good seamanship.  Such restrictions may include no night sailing or motoring, may specify the area of operation or any such other restriction, as he considers appropriate in the circumstances.  Charterers should note that two days are considered insufficient time for a cross channel cruising trip.

2       Charterer

2a     The charterer of the yacht will be the skipper and must be a full or associate member of the MPSC.  

2b     Each charterer will hold RYA qualifications to a minimum of Practical Day Skipper and have undertaken a familiarisation on the chartered boat either from a previous course or cruise, or at handover time.  All charters must comply with the MPSC guidelines regarding their area of operation unless the Operations Manager has agreed variations in writing or by email.

2c     The crew must include a second competent person whose details must be notified when the booking is made.  A full list of all crew must be supplied to the Club Operations Team prior to departure.

2d     A SRC VHF Short Range Certificate (SRC) must be held by at least one crew member.

2e     Having taken over the yacht, the charterer is at all times responsible for the safety of the yacht and its crew.  Passage plans must be made with due regard to the prevailing, and forecast weather conditions and overall ability and experience of the crew. 

2f      The charterer undertakes to observe and comply with all seagoing rules and Portsmouth Harbour regulations currently in force, in particular the use of the small boat channel and respect the Restricted Area adjacent to the Thorn Channel (see Almanac for details).

2g     The charterer is responsible for all harbour dues, fuel and other expenses incurred during his or her charter.

2h     ‘Lyra of Broadway’, ‘Pride of Broadway’ are equipped for a total complement of six.  Except if necessary to save lives, the complement must never exceed these levels.

2i      At no time should any vessel operate more than 60 miles from a safe haven.

2j       The charterer should be aware that the yachts standard equipment does not cater for children.  Children may be taken on board but the charterer is responsible for ensuring that their requirements for lifejacket/harnesses are fully met by the adult sized equipment on board.   The MPSC does have limited number for children’s life jackets available for use on charters upon request. If not the charterer must provide suitable alternative safety equipment.  All charterers must take account of the additional safety implications of having children aboard. The MPSC reserves the right to cancel a booking if suitable safety equipment and other provisions are not evident, and no liability will rest upon the club.

3       Booking

3 a    The charter rates quoted are all self-sailing, self-catering.  Payment terms are:-  £100.00 deposit on booking with the balance, at least 2 Months before charter commences.  By confirming the booking, the charterer accepts his or her liability for the first £750 of any damage or loss incurred during their charter.  A booking will not be deemed to have been made until the booking form and deposit have been acknowledged in writing or by email.  Late payment of the balance or supply of the signed indemnity may incur a surcharge or cancellation of the charter at the discretion of the MPSC Ltd.  No refund of previously paid monies will be made.

3b     To keep the clubs cost low all payments must be by Internet banking.

3c    Bookings will normally be from 1700 hrs on the handover day until 1600hrs on the returning day.

***Note:  1600 hrs is hand over time and not the return to berth time ***

4       Handover

4a     On taking over the yacht, the charterer should complete the inventory, current damage record and next of kin forms and return them duly signed to the Operations Team.  Any item missing, damaged or not working properly should be recorded.  If not familiar with the yacht, they will receive a familiarisation from the Operations Team.

5       Return

5a     On return the following will be complied with:-

  • Empty gas bottles to be replaced at the club expense.
  • The water tank is to be refilled.
  • Torches to be recharged or batteries replaced if necessary.
  • The yacht is to be cleaned and actions taken in accordance with the handover schedule supplied at the commencement of the charter. If additional cleaning is necessary, it will be charged to the charterer.

5b     The charterer undertakes to vacate the Yacht at the appointed time together with all equipment as per inventory, complete and undamaged and furthermore to report to the Club Operations Team:-

  • Any grounding incident (this includes any part of the boat coming into contact with the seabed)
  • Any loss or damage that may have occurred during that period of charter.
  • Any incident involving HM Coastguard, Customs, RNLI or other rescue or emergency service, and include details in the ships log.
  • Any significant ‘near miss’
  • Any matter which may highlight a Health and Safety issue.

5c     Unless there is an acceptable reason for delay, a charterer returning the yacht late will be liable to a charge of £50 per hour or part thereof, up to five hours late.  Thereafter twice the daily rate for each day or part of a day overdue. 

5d     If at any time a charterer considers it likely that he or she will not be able to return the Yacht on time, they should contact the Operations Team without delay so that the best possible arrangements can be made for the next charter.  If an attempt to return the yacht at the appointed time may endanger the yacht or her crew, the late charge may be waived.  The Club Operations Team must be informed of any delay.

Under no circumstances should the skipper put to sea for the purposes of ensuring a timely return when he or she would not otherwise do so.

6       Cancellations

6a     When 56 clear days notice of cancellation is given in writing or email to contact@mpsc.london , all monies paid will be refunded.

6b     If less than 56 days notice is given the £100.00 booking deposit will not be refunded.

6c     If cancelled less than 42 days prior to the charter date, all monies will be required by the MPSC.  If the club are able to re-charter the boat a pro-rata return of some of monies may be made.

7       Exclusions

7a     The yachts must not be chartered or used in connection with any business interest, and the charterer, crew or passengers must not incur any personal financial gain, or reward either directly or indirectly.

7b     The yacht will not be raced unless this has been declared on the booking form, agreed by VC and the higher charter rate paid. 

7c     No animals or pets of any sort may be taken on board.

7d     Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the yachts.  It is the responsibility of the skipper to ensure that this policy is followed.  Where crew members are found to be smoking on board, the charter may be cancelled forthwith and no refund of monies paid will be given.

8       Damage and Loss

8a     The MPSC reserve the right to charge at replacement cost any damage or loss caused by the charterer or his crew during their charter of the yacht, whether due to neglect, lack of care or any other reason. 

8b     The decision to undertake an insurance claim rests with the MPSC Ltd.  Fair wear and tear will be taken into consideration.

9       Disputes

9a     In the event of any dispute involving the above conditions or any breach of them, the facts will be considered and decided upon by the Committee of the MPSC Ltd. The decision of the Club, which will be communicated in writing to all parties involved, will be final.

Contact Numbers 07920 799 270 – 07931 548947

Charter Operating Schedule

It is the aim of the MPSC Ltd to ensure that all members benefit from the facilities within the club and enjoy safe sailing in keeping with their level of skills and experience. To this end the conditions below will apply.  However, it is recognised that in order to build a broad level of experience and expertise skippers need to experience a variety of conditions, sailing areas and types of yacht. The Club actively encourages the gaining of skills by these means. Those skippers who wish sail outside of the set restrictions must first discuss their plans with the Operations Manager who may authorise any changes.  The emphasis will always be on safety and ensuring the yacht and crew can meet the demands, which they might experience within their charter.

RYA Day Skipper Practical Qualification

  • Known waters in daylight hours only.
  • No further west than Hurst Castle.
  • No further east than the Forts.

RYA Coastal Skipper Practical Qualification

  • No more than 20 miles from a safe haven.

RYA Yachtmaster

  • No more than 60 miles from a safe haven.

The skipper is at all times responsible for the safety of the boat and its crew.

Passage plans must be made with due regard to the prevailing, and forecast, weather conditions and the overall ability and experience of the crew.

The skipper should not put to sea if he has any doubt about his ability, the ability of the crew or the seaworthiness of the vessel to undertake the proposed passage taking account of the existing and forecast weather conditions.

The club reserves the right to prohibit sailing when necessary.

Medical and Dietary Declaration

Having a medical condition need not necessarily prevent you from taking a full part in the course but the Club Principal must be aware of any potential problems.

If you are in any doubt about your fitness to take part in a course, speak to us on the clubline prior to your course.

By completing the course booking form you make the following declarations and undertakings:-
I hereby declare that I have recorded below details of any medical condition which may affect my fitness to participate in the course and in particular I have included details where I suffer from asthma/bronchitis, angina or heart condition, fits, fainting or blackouts, severe headaches, diabetes, travel sickness, allergies to medication or other allergies.

I undertake to inform the Metropolitan Police Sailing Club Ltd and the course instructor of any relevant medical condition which may become apparent between now and the start of the course, and of any medication I am taking.

I have included below details of any dietary requirements and any allergies, including allergies to food and medication.